Bee Hive Wraps For The Winter For Sale

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Bee Hive Wraps For the Winter For Sale

If you’re considering purchasing bee hive wraps for the colder months, there are several options on the market. These include the Plan Bee winter hive wrap, Bee Cozy, and Rustic Chic Boutique. If you’re interested in the more natural beekeeping lifestyle, you can also choose the Red beehive wrap.

Plan Bee winter hive wrap

Plan Bee winter hive wraps for a wooden two-story hive are ideal for winter use. They are windproof and waterproof and fit snugly over two standard deep boxes. The R-value of these wraps is four. This makes them an excellent option for beekeepers who live in areas where winter temperatures can be severe.

The Wellington County Beekeepers’ Association coordinates the winter wrap program and the proceeds go towards the OBA Tech-Transfer Research Program. Diane Krout and Jim Coneybeare first organized the manufacture of winter wraps in 2007 and have been making them available to Ontario beekeepers ever since.

Bee Cozy

The Bee Cozy winter bee hive wrapping system is a proven method for winterizing your bee colonies. Developed over 25 years, it is effective for reducing overall winter hive heat loss. It also provides a wind break for hives located in windy areas. These wraps are lightweight and compact, making them easy to handle during winter, and are inexpensive and convenient to use.

The Bee Cozy winter bee hive wrapping system protects your honeybee hives from freezing winter temperatures. These hive wraps are easy to use and contain UV treated polypropylene and environmentally friendly R8 fiberglass. They are easy to install and allow for ventilation, preventing excessive heat loss.

Rustic Chic Boutique

Bee Hive Wraps can help keep your bees protected and warm when winter temperatures are at their lowest. Bee Hive Wraps are waterproof, windproof, and made from marine grade vinyl. They are designed to fit tightly over your hive’s body to provide an even insulating cover for the bees. They are also easy to install. No tools are required, and you can easily install these winter covers with just one hand.

Bee Hive Wraps are made of warm, cosy and comfortable materials that can be worn in many ways, including as a scarf. This is especially useful in cold weather, when a bee hive wrap can keep your neck and arms warm. Bee Hive Wraps are also available in a variety of colors and patterns. You can wear a bee hive wrap to create a more stylish look.

Red beehive wrap

If you’re trying to maintain your bees during the cold winter months, red beehive wraps may be just the solution. These protective covers are available for both 10 and eight frame hives and fit tightly around these hives. They are designed to withstand cold weather and have a high R-value to keep bees warm.

Using beehive wraps to protect the bees from the winter months is easy and can be done by just about anyone. These wraps are reusable and usually last five years. When not in use, they can be stored in a cool, dry area. They are available in 8 and 10-frame sizes and fit up to a two-story beehive.

BeeMax hive wrap

BeeMax hives do not require hive wraps for the winter. However, if you have an 8-frame BeeMax hive, you can purchase a BeeMax 8-frame Winter Hive Wrap. It is important to select a wrap that fits snugly around the hive. This will help prevent cold air from getting inside the hive.

One type of beehive wrap is EZ-On, a vinyl-coated polyester wrap that is secured around the hive using Velcro. This wrap is considered the easiest to use. Another type of beehive wrap is made from polystyrene. These components have built-in plastic frame rests and insulated components. Both types of hive wraps offer added protection from extreme weather. Another option is to use thermal-reflective bubble wrap.


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